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WDC Statement following the UDP Convention

Ellen M Brady | Published on 4/29/2022

Last Saturday, the Democratic Convention voted to keep a Democratic candidate for Senate off of the November ballot, preferring instead to support an Independent candidate. The action exposed deep divides within the party, as social media posts laid them out in expressions of raw pain, anger, sadness, and resignations. While acknowledging those very real and human responses, the question must quickly become “How do we heal and move forward toward shared goals?”

Toward that end, we encourage you to step back, take a deep breath, and indulge in self-care. Rather than concede defeat, find comfortable places and ways to engage in support of a down-ballot candidate, an issue, or a group that resonates with your values.

Know that the Women’s Democratic Club is firmly behind you and our Democratic candidates in that necessary process of healing. As we have done since 1896, we pledge to work hard in support of our causes and candidates and to do so in a civil and united way. Join with us. Our world, our democracy, our state, and the quality of our lives depend on it.

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