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The WDC is going virtual and will be broadcasting the April 4th Luncheon:
The Legislative Round-Up with Senator Kathleen Riebe, State Democratic Party Chair Jeff Merchant, and County Democratic Party Chair Emily Hase, will be hosted online!

In the middle of this tragic virus, we have elections less than 7 month away. Jeff and Emily will update us on the Party's plans, races to watch and you can be involved. The first 100 people who participate in the "Donate Your Lunch Money" fundraiser will be invited to the WDC Luncheon broadcast via Zoom.

BYOL (Bring your own lunch)

Your donation will help fund campaigns for Democrats in 2020. EARLY MONEY is critical in a campaign and this is a way for all of us to help.

Join us, Saturday, April 4th, 12:00 noon.
Scholarship Application

Our mission is to encourage women to seek public office and provide financial, volunteer and in-kind support to progressive women and men seeking public office. To that end, we offer scholarships to passionate and capable people committed to making a difference.



That's Right...

Wyoming may have beat Utah by a few months in giving women the right to vote, but Utah is the first state where women first cast a ballot.

In honor of that historic event in 1870, Utah released a new license plate design Wednesday celebrating the state's women being the "first to vote" in modern American history.

The year 2020 will mark the 150th anniversary of the first women voting in Utah and the centennial of the 19th amendment, which assured women the right to vote nationwide.

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