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What would change if the Equal Rights Amendment is ratified?

  • Higher judicial standard of equal treatment for women and men
  • Legal recourse when people experience sex discrimination
  • Constitutional protection from future sex discrimination laws
  • Protection from rollbacks of current supportive laws
  • Blanket protections for all Americans, regardless of the state in which we live
  • Constitutional value of women as full citizens under the law

The Utah ERA Coalition educates Utah citizens about the Equal Rights Amendment and its importance in providing a strong legal foundation for constitutional protection against sex discrimination.

Alice Paul first introduced the idea for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in 1923 saying,

We shall not be safe until the principle of equal rights is written into the framework of government.”

100 years later, we still haven’t seen that dream become a reality. 

Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by an State on account of sex.

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