Topic: #MeToo in Utah
Along with Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, we will hold a group discussion on the status of #MeToo in Utah
Saturday, December 1st
HOTEL RL (former downtown Red Lion)
161 W. 600 South, Salt Lake City
11:00am Registration  |  11:30am Lunch
$26 members  |  $31 non-members
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Saturday, November 10th
Hotel RL, Salt Lake City

Election recap featuring Rep. Brian King and Morgan Lyon Cotti, Associate Director of the Hinkley Institute of PoliticsSalt

Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera won re-election and has enjoyed becoming a member of WDC. Here's a lovely note she recently sent:









Honoring Josie Valdez  |  Special Guest Rep. Dina Titus
Thursday, October 18th | 11:30am
Little America Hotel, 500 S. Main St., SLC
Join one of our tables and enjoy the day with your Women's Democratic Club colleagues!


Saturday, October 6th

Hotel RL, Salt Lake City

Daisy Thomas, Chair of the Utah Democratic Party, updated us on the systemic changes in the Party and the wonderful progress they are making: registering people to vote, expanding staff and activating volunteers. Making progress and we expect the elections to reflect their progress.

Salt Lake City Mayor Biskupski outlined the changes she has made and the tremendous progress her administration has accomplished in two years. Her long-term plans and funding impact the city in many positive ways, from transportation to the 27% drop in crime in the past two years.

And a definite highlight of our meeting was awarding the WDC Woman of the Year award to our amazing Sheriff Rosie Rivera. Pregnant as a teen and working in the onion fields to support her family, Sheriff Rivera has risen through the ranks of law enforcement to become the first Latina sheriff in the United States! Congrats Sheriff Rivera!

Saturday, September 8th

Hotel RL, Salt Lake City

What does creating an inland port mean for Utahns and Salt Lake County? What about the land fill and environmental impacts? Do we really want hundreds more heavy trucks on our highways? And who pays for the infrastructure? So many questions!
SB234 created an inland port authority that will have control over a huge land area in Salt Lake City’s northwest quadrant. The bill has ignited a fiery debate with city leaders suggesting the state is instituting a land grab that would take valuable tax revenue away from Salt Lake City’s schools and libraries. SPEAKERS:LARA L. FRITTS, CEcD
Director, Department of Economic Development, Salt Lake City
Lara Fritts is a certified economic developer with over 20 years of experience in economic development, management, and technology. Known for her strengths in strategic planning, collaboration, marketing, and leadership, Lara has proven to be an invaluable asset to Salt Lake City and the creation of their newly formed (2016) Department of Economic. She is Salt Lake City's representative on the Inland Port Board.

Jeff will bring a perspective from labor, jobs and the economy and how the Inland Port will influence Utah’s labor growth in the future.


Independent Author & Journalist
Emma Penrod is an award-winning science writer and historian based in rural Utah. She specializes in researching environmental issues, especially environmental health, water resources, and water quality. Her work has appeared in a variety of national and local outlets; her recent front-page article in City Weekly, "Buried Hazards," deserves a read.


Co-President, Utah League of Women Voters
A Utah native and long time political advocate, Vickie’s top priority is local government and looking at legislative issues through a non-partisan lens, based on facts. In the League's recent newsletter, Vickie wrote: “Opposing sides of the Inland Port debate faced off on Wednesday, May 23, and the League of Women Voters joined the call to stop the proposed development.” Vickie will tell us how we got to where we are and how the League will pursue transparency and public input.